Occupational Hygiene

The main aim of occupational hygiene services is to ensure that programs are put in place that identify and evaluate health and hygiene work place hazards and recommend control measures that can be put in place to control exposure of employees to such hazards.

Laboratory & Analytical Services

Identifying asbestos and evaluation of asbestos fibers in air by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) in accordance with HSG248. Gravimetric analysis of airborne dust and fumes. Chemical analysis of air, water and soil Microbiological analysis of air, water and soil for pathological organisms

Baseline Risk Assessment

A risk assessment will be done through an inspection of the premises and work processes. This process is done jointly with Health & Safety Coordinators, Hygienists and Medical Practitioners. While performing this function, the risks will be outlined and recommendations made.

Training & Information

All training can be facilitated on and / or off-site pending client requirements. We also offer distant study programs and online (e-learning) options on our Online Portal.